Friday, July 2, 2010

An instructional video

As I began to open the dishwasher this afternoon to unload the clean dishes, Kylynn quickly stopped me. "Not like that Mom, you have to open it really carefully like this.."

Please watch the following instructional video on how you should open your dishwasher in the event that there is a raccoon taking a bath in your dishwasher.

Oh, Grandpa, how loved you are around here.

*I wrote this blog almost a month ago, and it took me this long to finally get the video on here, blogger is being mean and will only let you upload through Youtube now.

*Did you notice the belt around the shoulder, oh yeah that's on purpose, this girl doesn't follow fashion trends, she starts them!


Nilam said...

OOOh--I like the new look. Very happy and spring-y

Jenny said...

Thanks Nilam, I'm only a season behind :)