Monday, July 12, 2010

Love is not colorblind

What an insightful post on the damage we do to our minority race children when we tell them "Love is colorblind".  It confirmed something I knew deep down inside me, but needed to read to know for sure,
"Love that overlooks is belittling. Love that acknowledges is accepting."-Amie Sexton.
No matter who you are you should go read it.  If you are raising children who are not white, you must read it (honey that means you).

*Updated, there is also a follow up post on the reality of racism in America and communicating that to our children.  Read it!*


Sarah said...

Thank you for this link. I had no idea what an ignorant statement that is. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and helping us understand.

Jenny said...

Your welcome, but certainly it was Amie Sexton who helped both of us understand, not me helping you..I'm learning too!