Friday, July 30, 2010

A list

I'm a little grouchy and experiencing some writer's block, this is all I got, a list of things annoying me lately:

*Back to school adds, I'm not sure what it says about me, but they still make me mad and anxious, reminding me I'll have to go back to school a full month before it starts.  Neither me nor the kiddos are off to school this year, but the feeling that those adds are ruining my summer have never left me.

*When someone costs me 20 cents to text me to tell me that they just called me and left a voice mail and I should listen to it.  Hyper much, I will listen to your message, give me five seconds.  Hey what can I say 20 cents adds up.

*My sweet dog is losing bladder control, we have her on medication for it but it seems to be getting worse all the same.  I love my puppy and I feel bad for her, but I also hate cleaning up pee on my carpet and the fun times of walking around the living room, sniffing the air, and waiting till you step in a wet spot to find it.

*My daughter telling me, "I know! mom" no matter what I say.  Well sweetheart if you know to flush the toilet, how come it never gets done unless I happen to walk by and tell you.

*How the most basic words seem to have left my brain so often these days, "Honey what's that know the thing you walk through, it has a handle and you open it?"  "A door"  "Oh, yes, a door, that's the word."

*My total lack of desire to start exercising and eating healthier, I mean sure I'd love to lose 10 pounds if I could just snap my fingers and make it happen, but working for it, I have no energy for that, which is ironic because if I would only exercise and eat healthier I would have the energy...

*People who complain about silly things on their blog, like I'm doing right now, sorry guys I'll do better next time.

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