Monday, August 31, 2009

40 days and nights

Well after 40 days, it appears that I am back online...maybe. After they left my special representative that has been assigned to my case, called and said they didn't fix everything they were supposed to so she's sending them back this afternoon (between 1 and 5 pm :) and when they get here I am to have them call her so it can really be fixed.

But at the moment I am sitting in my house and I am online, so at least for this moment I have the internet again, and what a sweet moment it is!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dancing, Singing fool

When we met Jack for the first time his foster mommy told us that he loved to sing. Well those first few months I heard him sing maybe a handful of times, perhaps the three month long ear infection, the triple surgery, the new home and family, had something to do with that. Because now Jack is a dancing, singing fool. He loves music so much and he can really boogie down! Here's a little video I managed to get.


The court hearing to finalize Jack's adoption went great, it was just ceremonious and it took longer to take pictures with the judge then it did to have the hearing. During the hearing we raised our right hands and swore several things including that we would be Jack's parents and he would be our son, in perpetuum. Later Kyle said to me that he liked that the lawyer used that word, I of course had no idea what it meant, and he told me it means foreverforever. Ahh...yeah I like that word too. Jackie you will be mine and I will be yours foreverforever...and ever..and ever :).

It was such a nice little trip to San Antonio and we are continually blessed to be loved by the family we have. We had 6 family members come out to court with us, and that meant there were three generations of Kyle's family there, in addition to aunts and my parents. It was a happy day. Here are some pictures for you.Kylynn and her Nana cooking together, see those super cute aprons Charissa made them!!

Jack eating ice cream, one of his major food groups.

We had to wait a while for a judge to be ready. Jack had a blast running up and down the hall (mopping it with his blanket as he went) and playing in the water fountain!
Being sworn in. Jack was not happy to have to be held for this part.
Verifying that Jack's new name is spelled correctly. It will be Jack and his middle name will be the name his birth mother gave him and our last name, of course :)
The judge signing the decree to finalize the adoption and legally change Jack's name.
The whole gang. From left, Laura (aunt), Linda (grandma), Mike (grandpa), me (mommy), Jack (Jack), Susan (nana), Dorothy (great grandmother), Kyle (daddy), Kylynn (big sister)

One month and counting

There was a time a few years back, when one could have gone without internet access for a month and gotten by relatively well, but now that is not the case, for most anyone. One month and counting since I made the innocent phone call to Verizon and asked, "Hey can I pay you some money to continue getting the internet."

And still no internet. And since then I have learned that even though I rarely turn on my TV, I don't own an iphone, I have no idea what it means to "facebook" somebody, I am very much fully on board with the internet.

I pay all my bills there, I manage my coupons, my photos, and most of my shopping there. I keep in touch with my friends, and most importantly I update anyone willing to listen on this blog. So please stick with me, I'm sure that it will be resolved soon, it has to be right...? And until then enjoy multiple blog entrys posted all at once whenever I can.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Soon it will be official. Jack will be ours, his name will be Jack and we will celebrate again.

Really I celebrate every day. I keep waiting for the amazement to wear off, for me not to look at him and think him the most beautiful boy I've ever laid eyes on. For me not to watch him walk across the room and feel pure joy.

I told a friend of mine that raising a child that joined our family through adoption is different in only one way from raising the child that I gave birth to. With Jack, I take nothing for granted. Everyday with him is a gift I might not have had. Everyday a reminder of God's goodness. When I watch him eat normal table food (which he does now) and see him thriving in every way imaginable, it is my proof of God's love, of the power of prayer.

I am sure with time it will all become more mundane, but I don't think I will ever look up at Jack and not feel gratitude.

So you can be sure on Monday once "it's official" we will be celebrating. But for me it will be the usual, Jack makes me want to celebrate life, to celebrate him, to celebrate adoption.

*I will soon post pictures, once I'm at home using the internet again, hopefully that will be soon*

Silly Me

One would think that ordering DSL from a company that makes a living offering customers DSL, would be a good idea, no?

I called around July 24th, to say we were moving and I wanted our DSL service moved and our phone turned off on July 31st. You would not believe the ordeal that followed, something about not being able to turn off my phone till my DSL transferred and not being able to get DSL until the middle of August. I made nice became several employees new best friends (we talked on the phone several times) and got it all worked out, at least the canceling the phone part.

They told me originally I would have service on August 12th, then one of my many friends got it expedited for me (because she said there's no reason it should take so long to get it up and running at your new house, my thoughts exactly) to August 10th (WOW!). Then on the 10th I got the animated phone call announcing that indeed my DSL service was up and running and I would be billed from this point forward.

No such luck, it is not working, Kyle confirmed with the technician tonight and will not be until August 14th now...who wants to bet I still get billed starting August 10th.

So I am sitting in Kroger with my laptop that has zero battery life plugged into a soda fountain plug, in order to make sure that I am not missing out on any important events and to let you all know, I have not let the blog die, I just made the terrible mistake of thinking that getting DSL service at my new house would be simple for a DSL company, silly me.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Dark Ages

I'm living in the dark ages. We have no TV and no internet. Thankfully I kind of long for that simplicity so I'm handling it well, not to mention I have a few other things I should be doing...unpacking, cleaning, oh and raising two kids!

We have successfully moved into our new home, we are all really happy and really enjoying it. I expected to kind of have a mini break down about leaving our old house, but instead I found that my sadness was quickly taken away by my excitement at the new house.

I am off at the Bryan library using the computer and who knew, they give you a time limit. So this will be short and unfortunately picture free. But in another week or so we'll have internet back at home again so I'll be better about posting.

By the way we don't have TV because we decided to completely cancel our cable (for the past 5 years we've had the most basic cable) and give the digital antennae a try, so check back if you want to know how that works out.