Saturday, November 21, 2009

Adoption Song

There is a local Christian artist, Ross King, whose music I love. His latest CD, Perhaps I've said too much, is one of my favorite CDs. Everytime I listen to it I get something else out of it and my favorite song on the CD is constantly changing.

Each time I hear it I am blessed by what I call the adoption song, it's actually called "Home". Ross and his wife have adopted their three children and what he has to say about it is beautiful. If you've adopted, are adopting, may someday adopt, or just love great music you've got to get this CD (or MP3s as you prefer).
You can buy "Perhaps I've said too much" at Ross King Music. You can also google "Perhaps I've said too much" and there are several websites where you can download the songs, including Amazon.

"Not flesh of my flesh, not blood of her blood. You are heart of her heart and soul of my soul. Mother and I we were broken inside, then you came and made us whole"-Ross King

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