Friday, July 23, 2010

The gift of doughnuts and wrinkle reduction

A kid free weekend is upon me.  I got up this morning packed up my belongings and said goodbye to San Antonio as well as the kiddos and the grandparents.

I feel light, like I could maybe, possibly, float a little off the ground, such freedom seems to render me weightless.  I feel full of possibilities, should I go to Target and just walk around and around, should I go for a walk with my love at night just for the heck of it, should I decide last minute to go to a movie, should I file the two years worth of papers in my desk (a job that requires many kid free hours and a lot of floor space).  Or should I, as I did today, just sit still and read or watch TV and be amazed at the silence.

I suppose I'm showing my introverted side right now, but to have 4 hours of silence this afternoon was heavenly.  I kept stopping and just listening to nothing.  When you are used to such noise, loud, loud, noise, the absence of the noise makes the silence that much more amazing.

I'm sitting in the den right now while Kyle cooks me a nice meal he planned and shopped for while I was gone.  I want to eat it and finish every one of my sentences, I want to remember to talk about all of the things that I keep forgetting to tell him when we pass by in the hallways.  I want to sleep until I wake up and then eat doughnuts, although truth be told I always want to eat doughnuts.

The luxury of this weekend is such a gift, it will give me enough patience with the kiddos to get through the summer, it will give me more admiration for my husband for months to come, it will help that wrinkle between my eyebrows become a little less noticeable.  Thanks mom and dad.

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Nilam said...

I hope that you and Kyle have a great weekend together and that you are completely refreshed at the end of it!