Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's in the mail!

I mailed in our home study to the government today, yipee!  We are officially in the second of three stages in the adoption process (I'm totally making this up as I go, but for me it can be divided into three stages).  Now we wait.  We are in line, so to speak, in Korea for a baby and when it becomes our turn and they have a baby that they feel would do best in our family they'll contact us.  Then in case you're wondering you enter stage three and wait again for permission to go pick them up.

So that's where it stands right now and I feel relieved.  This time around getting all the paperwork in order and sent off too us an extra month compared to last time, so to know that we've finally gotten everything we need to be in line to have a child assigned feels amazing.

On another note we are having a really great lazy summer.  I even have felt bored a time or two, which was if you recall, one of my goals.  I'll post soon some pictures and video of Kylynn's swim lessons, which went really well.  Also I'm making over our study so I'll let you see that project when I'm done with it.


Sarah said...

Congratulations!! Love the new blog look, btw.

Jenny said...

Thanks SK!