Thursday, July 15, 2010

Swim lessons

Kylynn took private swim lessons for the first time this year, I was really pleased with the progress she made, she really seemed to benefit from the one on one attention.   She went from not wanting to get her face wet to diving down to pick up rings, jumping off the diving board, and pushing off the side of the pool and swimming a stroke or two before sinking.

If anyone is interested in getting in touch with the lady who taught Kylynn just email me and I'd be happy to pass on her information, she did a great job and really has a way with children.

Jack absolutely hated every minute of her lessons, the very first one when he realized that I was seriously not going to let him get in the water too, he cried, loudly, the entire 30 minutes.  He got better as the days went on and I know next summer he'll definitely be ready for some lessons of his own.

The kiddos and I our off to visit the grandparents and they've got a pool so I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time practicing her new skills.

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