Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Living in the past

And now that Thanksgiving is around the corner I will get around to posting my halloween pictures, you're welcome :).

On Friday, we had a trick-or-treating event, that the company Kyle works for hosts every year, otherwise known as our first stop in our "how much candy can two kids get" experiment. 

Then we headed over to our church's country fair, also known as stop #2 in our "how much candy can two kids get" experiment.  We had such a good time, we took some International students with us and they loved seeing how we celebrated.  We went on a hay ride, played games, listened to live music, and ate some great food, and got candy of course.

This also happened to be the weekend when Kylynn got to take home the class mascot (is that right...I don't know), Max.  She had a great time dragging him everywhere we went so that Mommy would have something to write in his journal before sending him back to school.  I can't believe it's happening all ready, but it is, "Kylynn" has homework all the time (all of which is really for me, because it involves things she couldn't possibly do, like write in a journal).

We carved our pumpkins.  Kyle is the pumpkin carver in this house and this year he did one to look like each of the kids, it was pretty impressive, well to me at least, I can't carve a pumpkin to save my life.

See...notice Jack's eyes are more almond and less round than Kylynn's, he was going for details.

They were Superman! and a pumpkin fairy (don't ask, she made it up and it was free, so we were both happy) again on Halloween night, otherwise known as our third and final stop in "how much candy can two kids get" experiment.

We had our home church over to hang out on Halloween and one of our friends decided that if we were going to hang out it might as well be a little party for the trick-or-treaters.  So my friend made a lollipop pull and a bean bag toss (with smoke coming out of the pumpkin's mouth).  We had a great time hanging out and drinking cider and eating popcorn, everyone but Kyle who decided that he wanted to scare the children by pretending to be a stuffed scarecrow and then yelling at them when they took candy, luckily none of the parents punched him :).

Finally I should have a picture of our candy but I don't, it didn't occur to me till just now and it was long ago taken to Kyle's office before mommy gained 10 lbs.  But I will tell you that it would have filled up a 3 gallon bucket, easy!


Elizabeth@Romans8:15 said...

don't you just LOVE all of the homework they get that is really for you? Me either!

Great pics!

Kyle said...

I like the pic of strong-man Jack, carrying that little pumpkin like he's a mover.