Monday, November 15, 2010

It's time to shop

Have y'all seen that nifty button up there on the upper right hand corner of my blog, you know the one that says "Home for Christmas."  Go ahead and click on it and check out all the amazing stuff you can buy for Christmas this year, or if you're like me all the amazing stuff you want other people to buy you for Christmas this year.  All of the shops listed (and there are a ton!) are raising money to help pay for their or other's adoptions.

LoraLynn over at Vitafamiliae put this list together and had that nifty button created to spread the word.  She also blogged about all the different shops by category, so if the vastness of the list overwhelms you head over to her blog and read her past entries to see some of her favorites, divided by category.   Did I tell you it's good stuff, and bonus: you won't accidentally buy someone something they already have.

Want to help spread the word?  Paste this code on your blog to get the button:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img a="" an="" border="0″ alt=" bring="" buy="" christmas.="" for="" gift.="" home!"="" home="" orphan="" src="" /></a>

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