Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I can feel life beginning to slow down, my muscles losing their tension, my brain slowing down having nothing to keep it up at night worrying.  Summer arrived for us this weekend and we took it all in, we worked on projects, ate ice cream cones for dinner, went the the splash pad and the pool, watch movies, and finally began to rest.

Rest is not something we do to easily around here.  You know the little kid who never stops wiggling and getting into things and people are always coming up to you saying, "he sure is busy!"  That little kid grows up to be Kyle, who would rather pull his hair out then sit still and rest.  I on the other hand was not that kid, but grew up to marry Kyle and have become more like him over the years, although I only work about a fraction as hard as he does, I try to keep up.  Then there is there is the fact that we are  in a busy time of life, every time I get a chance to catch up with some friends I realize that we are not alone, this time of life is busy!

This weekend, Nana took Kylynn back home to San Antonio, so we were a family of three, which made rest much easier for all of us.  Jack sleeps in hours later than Kylynn and takes twice the nap she does, so needless to say we had much more free time to get some things done.  It was peaceful and although we really missed Kylynn, it was a lot of fun to just focus all our attention on Jack.

I am so excited about this summer, about the rest that comes naturally when you spend the afternoon at the pool, you come home feeling completely relaxed and wholly satisfied.  I hope I don't see a single doctor this summer.  I hope we all become brown and freckled.  Most of all, I hope we all can learn how to rest as God intends, to figure that out and incorporate it into our regular lives, to leave this summer feeling refreshed and ready to go into next year with our eyes and hearts set upon our heavenly Father.

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