Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rainy day celebration

We've been having some rainy days around here lately. It is my firm belief that rain was made to be played in, danced in, and enjoyed.

Yesterday we went on a nature hike in the light rain, picking up whatever struck our fancy, a leaf here, a rock there, a rolly polly or five. We saw not one but two very tiny baby frogs and pet the moss on a twisted tree that arches over our path.

We whispered as we entered the "forest" because there are "animals everywhere." We allowed our imaginations to run wild and sang "We're going on a bear hunt..."

All three of us walked, buckets and shovels in hand, so it was slow going but wonderful. We had the whole neighborhood to ourselves, besides an occassional passing car that looked at us curiously.

Today the rain is coming down hard and is not good for dancing, so we've opened up every curtain and set of blinds to take it all in, if we cannot go out into the rain, the rain shall come in to us. It has given us permission to hang out all day in our sweats, playing and doing art projects, and eating, and I'm sure sooner or later watching a movie.

It's good weather for submerging oneself in a story of vampires and werewolves and love in a rainy Washington town.

There are always more than enough sunny, perfect blue sky days to go around in this part of the world, so when the rain comes we will celebrate.

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