Friday, June 4, 2010

Vampires on the brain

First off let me just say, I'm supposed to be cleaning my house right now as my family is coming tomorrow for a visit, it is only in my perpetual procrastination, that I would decide to blog on a Friday night.

Second of all, I need to get something off my chest. There is something that has been consuming me these past few days and I feel that maybe if I tell you, in the same way that you have to sing a song stuck in your head aloud to someone else to get it to go away, it will get better. I cannot stop thinking about vampires, ok not just any old vampires, but the ones that make up the Twilight series.

I am trying to live a normal life, one where I go to bed, sleep, feed my children, talk to other humans, clean a house, you get the idea. But all I want to do is read these books so that things can be resolved and all will be right with the world again.

Have you read them, here are my thoughts though I'm only a hundred pages into book 2:
*The love story is over the top, and even as I say that I know it has sucked me in all the same.
*I am mad at someone who says one day, "You are my world, I will never leave you" and the next, "Because it's best for you, I'm leaving and will make it as if I never existed". Mad, mad, like he did it to me, this I fear says something about my psychological state.
*Edward (the vampire that the main character is in love with) is described as absolutely perfect, more beautiful than any other person on earth. Ok, so why is that guy playing the part of Edward in the movies? If it was up to me it would be Jared Leto, now I haven't seen Jared in well, a long time, but remember him when he stared in "My So Called Life". Jared Leto, as he looked right then, that is who should play Edward, I'm just saying.
*Teenage girls listen up: Love is NOT like it is in this book, and love is not something that one should loose themselves in so completely that they no longer exist without the other person. Or more to the point: Love is not worth becoming a vampire over (I don't know if that happens all I know is that, she wants that to happen, DO NOT RUIN THE ENDING FOR ME, Please :)
*I need help.

Off to clean and contemplate these teenagers and vampires and how I obviously need to get a life.


theRogg's said...

Jenny! I stumbled upon your blog from Nilam's. The series is addiciting. Worse than what I imagine alcohol or drugs to do to a person. It doesn't get any better. I do disagree with you on the actor part. I think Rob Pattinson is quite pretty. ;) The books are great, even the 6th time you read them. The movies are cheesy, and I will be in line to see Eclipse at midnight on June 30th. It was my favorite book of the series.

Happy Reading,

Jenny said...


It's so good to hear from you! Yes I now agree with you after I wrote that post I went and watch and interview with Robert and realized he is quite pretty! and should do just fine :) I've yet to watch the movies, but I'm looking forward to it.

I'm with you about the drugs, I've never gone there, but I swear those books were drugs to me and I kept needing another hit! :)

Hope you're doing good.

Elizabeth@Romans8:15 said...

Ha! I had to come see for myself. So glad I am not the only one who got sucked in so completely! I finished the series, watched the first 3 movies and immediately started reading Twilight again!! But I am taking a break for a while now.

It is crack, pure and simple. And I can't wait for the new movie to come out....especially the honeymoon scenes!!!