Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The money fast, week 2

Sunday: I stand corrected, our family bike ride was today, not Saturday, so it was today we did the fun bike ride and the Mexican breakfast at home that followed.  That evening we had home church at our house and I had a chocolate cake that our friends had brought us on Saturday, to serve to everyone.  We're doing good on food so far, but the produce is starting to be gone, luckily I have lots of frozen vegetables and some fruit that I can serve with dinner every night.

Monday: It's laundry day and I have plenty of supplies, you see I have this habit of buying some more laundry detergent every time I go to Sam's so as to not run out.  One of the problems I am keenly aware of this week is that I'm always stocking up on non-pershiables as if  to be prepared for a natural disaster.  It occurs to be that I cannot recall ever in ten years of managing a household running out of a paper product, diapers, wipes, dish or laundry detergent.  You might call me prepared, but I also think I could stick to my budget easier if I allowed myself to fully use up one thing before buying the next.

Tuesday:  Kylynn goes off to school and Jack and I run over to the ENT for a follow-up to his ear tubes (they look great, by the way).  We are there for a short period of time so we're left to fill up the rest of the day with play time, as I cannot think of any more free errands to run.  I make fish sticks and other frozen sides for dinner, it's pitiful, but I have a headache and don't feel like cooking and of course cannot run out and buy anything.

Wednesday: We run to the doctor to confirm I do not have TB (it's for our adoption...I didn't think I did :)), this is somehow a romping good time for the kiddos, ride an elevator, mess up a doctor's waiting room, act like holigans (true story: Kylynn sees a baby as we're walking through the building to leave, she walks up to him and begins to stick her hand in his snack bowl to steal some, I told the mom I was sorry, and lied and said we've never been in public before!).  We go to the library and play and check out books, no matter how much money I have available to spend, I will always choose this free activity as one of our favorites.  Kyle asks us to meet him at the park for lunch, I want to pick up ChickFilA, celebrate that my home study paperwork is now complete, but somehow find the strength to stay on the money fast wagon, and pack us some pitiful lunch, I remember cheetos was the main food group :).  We have friends come over to play that afternoon, always a good choice for a free activity.  Kyle comes home and cooks dinner as I am not feeling the cooking vibe.  I end the day babysitting for a friend, our weekly swap.

Thursday:  It is the last day of school for the kiddos and I think that this type of sadness deserve a coffee from Starbucks and chicken minis from ChickFilA (can you tell I eat there too much).  Anyways, I take the time to go to both restaurants as I have a empty bag of Starbucks coffee (good for a free tall coffee, in case you hadn't heard) and a coupon for a set of 3 free chicken minis.  It is satisfying to have a little something and not break the fast.  I spend the rest of the day cleaning (as I previously told you it is the last chance I had to clean for a long time).  I cook something descent for dinner and look forward to The Office season finale that night.

Friday: We pack up a big snack, slather on the sunblock and head out to the splash pad for playgroup.  I love the splash pad because it's free and I can confidently take both of my children to cool off without being afraid that one of them will drown (as I often do if I attempt a trip alone to the pool with a 2 and 3 year old).  We come home and eat, just in case I haven't said it enough, I wanted to pick up ChickFilA on the way home for lunch, we were hot, tired, and very hungry, but I somewhere found the strength to resist.  The kids nap good that day, yay! for naps.  Kyle and I eat a nice dinner of pasta, just the two of us after the kids are in bed and watch a movie (free Redbox coupon).  It is a really good day.

Saturday:  There is a big garage sale today to raise money for a local crisis pregnancy center, I don't go.  I'm not usually a garage sale shopper (b/c I sleep in not b/c I don't want to be), but a big one that raises money for a cause I love, I would have been there.  Kyle spends the morning working in the yard, thank goodness for a handy husband, he does all the projects around here, for free!  After lunch he is beat from the work and the sun (it is the mid-90's) and I am able to convince him to break the fast a tiny bit and take us to the pool after nap time.  We go and spend 4 dollars for the four of us and have an awesome time despite the fact that the entire town is there (they told us it was almost at capacity).  We come home and finish strong, I cook Kyle's favorite meal, a Southern Living recipe called jalepeno chicken strips.  The kids go to bed late, and then we watch a movie (borrowed from our next door neighbor).  I am relieved it's over, but glad that will get through this month without going too far over our budget.

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Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I am the girl who runs out of everything before picking up a new one. We are down to the wire around here...I am never fully stocked. But! It does help with monthly/weekly budgets and such. I dread the month that I have to buy laundry detergent... It's a budget buster, for sure! And I always budget for a big case of diapers each month, which makes that less painful.

Keep at it, girl! You're almost home!!