Sunday, September 19, 2010


Today my family got to skype with my parents and sisters and brother-in-law in San Antonio.  I've known about the existence of skype for some time but for some reason had always thought it was 1. something that is hard to get set up and 2. for people who live thousands of miles from their family and never get to see them, like a solider away at war.

One of my friends had mentioned to me that she skypes with her family all the time even though they see each other once a month or so and live in the same state.  That got me thinking we needed to give this skyping thing a try.

Turns out it was ridiculously easy to set up, as in Kyle didn't need to help me (much).  And it was really fun, I could see everyone really well and it was so nice to be able to see and not just talk to them.  I'm not sure what it is but it was nourishing for me to see the face of my family, to see their expressions, their smiles, and the way they cheered when we gave them the news.

Kylynn showed everyone her shell from the beach and pictures she made in school.  Jack showed them his blanket and doggie (that they are very familiar with) and his cowboy hat (also very familiar with).  I think it was especially fun for the kids to have an audience to talk to and show off to, although Kylynn did choose to go back and watch her movie before the conversation is over, but at this stage in her life, getting to watch a movie trumps pretty much anything else.

Oh...something just occurred to me, above I said, "they cheered when we gave them the news" but I didn't say what the news was.  I'll tell you what, check back tomorrow and I'll devote a whole post to the news, because the news deserves it's own post.

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