Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I've gotten some good questions about Chloe over the past few days as the news has spread and I thought I'd share those answers in case you've got questions of your own.

*How old is she?  Sorry about that y'all, I can't believe I forgot to include that in the first post, she is 6 months old this week.

*Is she cute?  No, she is beautiful.  She is perhaps the cutest little baby I've ever seen, ok tied with two other babies.

*Are you nervous?  So far I wouldn't describe any of my emotions as anxiety.  I am eager, excited, surprised, and emotional, but not nervous.  Strange as this sounds, this path feels smooth to me, if I was pregnant with a child I would be a thousand times more nervous.

*Why Chloe?  Her name has taken me a whole week to get used to, I love her name very much, but it was never a name that I would have come up with for naming my child, but when I looked at her Korean  name, God told me that her name was to be Chloe, which was very close to part of her Korean name.

*What about her middle name?  Chloe will keep her Korean name as her middle name, as Jack did.

*Where will she sleep?  We have a loft bedroom upstairs that is connected to our bedroom, we are having the open wall built in, so that it can be a nursery.

*Since you got a referral quickly, does it mean this next stage will go quickly?  No, unfortunately the two stages are not related, we got a baby quickly because there were a lot of babies at this moment in need of families and not a lot of families.  The time it takes to bring Chloe home depends on paperwork getting approved/not getting lost when it goes through the Korean government.  The average wait time is 4 to 6 months, we're praying it will take less than 3 and we'll have her home by Christmas.

*Will you go and pick her up?  Yes.  We traveled to pick up Jack and we fell in love with Korea, we cannot wait to go back there again, to buy some things we should have bought the first time around, and to begin the bonding process with Chloe as soon as we can.

*What does Jack and Kylynn think?  I wish I would have video taped, Kylynn's response when we told her she was getting a sister.  She put her hands over her face and said Oh my!  She wasn't just excited, she seemed overwhelmed by the news, she looked like a mini-adult.  She is, as she was with Jack, very happy to add another child to our family, she is looking forward to having another sibling to boss around.  Jack seems to understand completely to the extent that a two year old can understand this.  When his friend came over to play yesterday, he came and asked for Chloe's pictures and took them over to show his friend.  He is very proud of having Chloe for a sister and understands that she will be coming home soon, but is in Korea right now, just like he once was.  Her arrival will rock his little world I know, but he already loves her.

*Do you need help with anything?  We're doing really well, the thing we need most is your prayers.  When it gets close to crunch time I'm sure I'll need some help watching my kiddos while I get things done.

If I missed a question, ask away, I may not answer you, but you're always welcome to ask.

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