Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back from the beach

We just got home from a trip to the beach.  I didn't tell you we were leaving, I know, I just lean towards the  camp of, sharing too much information on line can lead to negative consequences, so just in case one of my lovely readers also happens to rob homes in their spare time, I kept that bit of information to myself, until now.

It was one of those typical beach trips, every morning we got up, got ready and went the beach.  We headed back after a couple of hours for a lunch of sandwiches and chips, then naps, then dinner out.  We repeated this everyday, with a few variations of going to the pool after the beach, going to the beach and the pool twice a day, and eating lunch out and dinner in.

It was so nice to reconnect with Kyle and the kids and get to spend so many days together just having fun with no distractions, nothing more important to do but be together and enjoy our family.  Both of the kids thrived on all the attention and loved the beach.

We made it over to the Texas State Aquarium on Monday and all of us had a lot of fun seeing all the fish and other animals.  It is pricey, but I would say it's worth the cost if you're ever in Corpus.

Enjoy the pictures!


Nilam said...

Is Kyle reading the kids one of the "Miss Nelson" books? That looks like Miss Viola Swamp on the back. I can't believe that I actually remember that from my elementary school days.

Sound like you guys had a fun vacation!

Jenny said...

You're so funny! Yes, you are right it's a Miss Nelson book...something about coaching a football team.

How are y'all?