Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A weekend recap

Well my internet is back up and running so it's time to get back into blogging.

This weekend I...

Tried to find my inner Ree, and take pictures of a great meal I cooked, but only remembered to take one picture and decided that taking pictures just makes cooking that much more time consuming.

Listed to NPR (well actually I do that everyday), but I heard a story on an orphanage in Iraq, they talked of how many orphans are in Iraq now and how few orphanages there is.  They spoke of the fact that three fourths of all Iraqi children show signs of PTSD, how it's not more I don't know.  They said that for the children of Iraq, violence is normal, it is all the know.  They ended the piece with a quote that will stay with me for the rest of my life, "In this war you got rid of one Saddam Hussein, but you created a thousand more."  It made me stop and consider these children, to pray for them, for their future, I am embarrassed to say that I have done very little praying for the Iraqi people during this war.

Shopped.  I went over to the farmer's market and got all of this produce for 5 dollars, I was pretty pleased and so far it's been really great stuff.

Was pleased to find a new movie in my mailbox from Blockbuster, was sad to see it was a movie that not only had we already seen, but that we didn't like the first time, I need to pay better attention.  Was again pleased to remember that I had picked up several movies at the library that we could watch instead.

Chopped.  I made this recipe, that requires a lot of chopping, but my Rachel Ray knife made it fun, really I love my knife and any excuse to use it.  A fact about Jenny:  I L-O-V-E Rachel Ray.

Watched, Welcome, which I had gotten from the library.  In a surprising theme of the weekend, it was about an Iraqi refugee in France and his attempt to make in into the UK to be with his girlfriend.  It was an eye opening movie, very well made, and made me pray some more, but also made me proud that our country although not perfect, is still a place where I am free.

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