Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Biblecation School

Kylynn has been spending her mornings this week at Vacation Bible School (VBS) at our church.  We talked it up the week leading up to it, told her how much fun it was going to be and how much she was going to love it, but come Monday she was decided that she didn't want to go to VBS and that she would not have any fun.  It only added to her misery that she was to wear a toga, even if it was a pink striped toga made from the fabric she picked out at the store (confession: Kyle made the toga, all I did was hem the edges and it took me hours!).

After one day, she was hooked.  She decided that indeed, she loves VBS or Biblecation school, as she calls it.  Jack is not really all that thrilled about his two hours a day alone with mommy, he would rather stay and play and most of all dance to the music they start with each morning.

It has been a prayerful week for me, watching these children pile in our church to learn about just how much my savior, Jesus loves them.  I am reminded that VBS means everything to my family, that the path that brought Kyle and I together to start this family began with VBS.  Both Kyle and I said yes to Jesus, at different VBSes, thousands of miles away, in the same summer.  Both of us were invited by neighbors, both of us lived in homes where we had never heard that Jesus came to this earth and died for our sins, both of us went to a VBS in someone's home, and both of us were changed that summer.

Not only did I accept Jesus as my savior that summer, but my family soon began to attend the church that the host of VBS attended.  My family was changed that summer as well and it reminds how simple it is to share the gift we've been given with others, God will take care of the hard part, but by loving those around us, entire families can be changed.

When I watch those kids running into VBS each morning I wonder who will leave here a new person.   I wonder how many families will be changed, how many moms and dads, brothers and sisters will come to know the Lord because a friend took their child or sibling to VBS.  I watch them and I pray because for some of them this is the only time anyone will ever tell them that the God of the universe loves them.

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