Monday, August 2, 2010

A few of my favorite things

This little girl, more when she's smiling, even more when she's smiling and I can see her freckles, oh I love those freckles.

Cilantro, oh how I love you let me count the ways.  I think you should be on every food and when I carry in a big handful from the garden, I am intoxicated by the smell.  I'm getting carried away, moving along.

Horses.  In my perfect world I own a horse, also in this world horses are no more work than dogs are, until then I love looking at these majestic creatures.

My sweet puppy, I take her for granted  it's true, but I do feel like you are one of our great blessings, you amaze me with your love and patience towards those crazy kiddos.

This guy, more when I can see his blue eyes, even more when he's cooking me an amazing dinner and I can see his blue eyes.

A really full fridge, I don't know how to explain this.  But when I get home from the store and put everything away I feel completely satisfied.
These crazy girls, more when they're making me laugh, even more when they're making me laugh in the Bahamas.  

This boy, who is the cutest boyin the world, don't argue with me, I know.  More when he's laughing, even more when he's laughing while licking the mixer after making chocolate pudding.

Lemons, oh how I love me some lemons.  If I find a restaurant that has a big bowl of sliced lemons next to where you fill up your glass it will be on my list of favorite restaurants no matter what the food is like.

*The pictures in this post are from early spring, I took the pictures long ago wanting to write this and somehow it kept not happening*

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