Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A birthday weekend

Boy do we do birthdays big around here, ok not really, but we celebrate in our own strange way, here's a recap of Kyle's birthday weekend.

Friday evening, Kyle arranged a Settlers of Catan game night.  This is something he does from time to time and it's always a lovely evening for me to be trapped in my bedroom with no TV get a lot of things accomplished.  But this time it had come to Kyle's attention that some wives are actually nice enough to play Settlers with their husbands and, get this, some wives are so nice that they actually like playing Settlers.  So I was forced invited to play along so that our friends would feel welcome to bring their better half with them.  We had a lot of fun and if they promise to always have Reese's Pieces there, I will never miss another Settlers night.

We got up Saturday morning and drove down to Houston to visit our friends.  Their daughter, J, was in Seussical the Musical Jr. and we wanted to see her debut.  Let me just say that this girl's got a future in showbiz if she wants one.  We had the extra blessing of home cooked meals heaped on us while we were there, can I just say homemade Indian food AND homemade cinnamon rolls, I am already searching my calendar wondering when we can make it back for another meal visit.

Sunday we headed back home, but not before stopping to eat at a seafood restaurant for a birthday lunch for Kyle.  We all had some amazing seafood, then we all slept like babies on the way home, except for my hubby who drove, of course.  Then I let Kyle plant our fall vegetable garden, it's the least I could do, it being his birthday weekend and all.  I kid you not folks when he was done planting he actually thanked me for bugging him to get our fall garden planted, it was then that I decided it's official, I won the husband lottery.

Happy Birthday, hon.  You seriously amaze me more every year with how hard you work, how well you serve others, and how diligently you lead our family.  I want to be just like you when I grow up.


Nilam said...

It was fun having you here. You are always welcome in our home for a meal, I mean visit :-)

Kyle said...

Fortunately it was my birthday, or even Reese's Pieces and I couldn't have convinced Jenny to stay and play Settlers.