Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Share your ideas

I'm sorry it's been a little while since I posted, I've been lying in a puddle in my den, praying that Kyle comes home and tells us he's been miraculously offered a job in Colorado and we're moving there today.  Sure I'd miss you guys, but it would be a few months before I'd realize it and let's face it 107 degrees days that "feel like" 115, are just too much for any stay at home mom of toddlers to handle.

Tell me this, what do you do when you're trapped inside on hot days, I mean it literally, comment below and tell me.  I've been googling this question and keep getting the same few answers that I've read in all the parenting magazines and frankly, they're kind of stupid, or maybe they're genius but I'm so irritated by the heat that everything besides submersing myself in a cold pool, sounds stupid.

Here's what I've managed to come up with so far:

* The best idea yet (and it of course came from handyman Kyle) was making jello jigglers.  Now since Kyle assumed that I'm smarter than I am, he just told me to make these, but didn't tell me how (the directions are right on the box, who knew), so I did it wrong, but they came out ok and they still tasted good.

* An indoor picnic.  We spread out a blanket had fun finger foods and watched a Sesame Street.  I am trying with every bit of will I have to keep to under 2 hours of TV a day, despite the heat, but it's been hard lately.

* Art time, whether play dough or coloring or cutting and gluing, this is a favorite in our house.

* Playing Memory or Candyland, or I'm considering giving them a deck of cards and seeing if they can pretend to play cards long enough to entertain themselves for a few minutes.

* Learning: we've been learning our letters with Kylynn, using worksheets I printed from online.  We've also been doing the "Play and Learn" bags from our local library, the bag contains a book and an activity to teach a concept, this week Kylynn learned about what is alive or not and Jack learned colors.

So that's what I got, how about you, share your ideas with me, please!


Sarah said...

Love the library bags! I didn't know about those. I'll have to look for them.

And I just have to point out, for posterity's sake, that YOU are the one who wished for heat so oppressive you would languish in lazy days. Please don't wish that again every summer. :)

TheLudlows said...

Ha Ha Sarah!
I didn't know about the library bags either. Do they have them at the CS library too?
Visit friends with AC.
Dance party in the bathroom with the mirror.

Sarah said...

Per your request...my master list is now posted over at http://ourpinkarrows.blogspot.com/2010/08/preschool-boredom-busters.html

Kyle said...

It goes without saying that the perfect jello jigglers in the photo are NOT the ones that we made. But good try pulling that off!

Kyle said...

What about toy swords? What better idea than to spend all night making toy wooden swords that they kids can use to hit each other with? I think it was a stroke of genius to build those.

But really...the kids were quite for at least a hour as they all painted their swords in the garage. That was nice.