Friday, August 20, 2010

A real update

We've reached the magical time again, where we've been saying we're adopting long enough for people to want some updates, like a real update.

Unfortunately, I usually disappoint.  But not today, today I have an update.  Well, it's really not that exciting as far as steps in the adoption process goes, but it's an update and I'll take what I can get.

Today we completed our fingerprints or biometrics as they are officially called.  We had to drive an hour and half to Houston, we arrived 45 minutes early, and instead of acting like red tape, this government office said that was okay, put us in line and had us out of there five minutes later!  That's right, 5! minutes later.

This is especially good news since we took both of our kiddos to the appointment with us, can I just say how much money I would pay to have one of those glass screens they have in limos, that we could put up to block out the shrieking of the kiddos.  They're not doing anything wrong, they're just really loud with all their giggling and screaming, right next to your ear.

So there you go, a real official update.  We have successfully completed another step in the journey to bring home our baby.


Nilam said...

The extra loud shrieking wouldn't happen to have anything to do with the fact that you had three extra kids during the ride home, would it? No--those are my kids and they never make a sound...whatever.

Nilam said...

Yeah, judging from the ride on my way home yesterday, with the aforementioned three children in my van, and the decibel levels, it was my kids who caused the extra loud shrieking in your van :-)

Thanks for keeping them for us. We had a fun weekend--I think I gained three pounds--seriously.