Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Summer, come soon

I'm sitting here longing for summer, for days that are filled with nothing but trips to the pool, drinking lemonade, and reading a good book. Of course that sounds like I'm longing for a summer where I am not a mom to a soon to be 4 year old and realizing he's 2 year old, but it's my fantasy, darn it, and I'll think of summer however I want.

I want to open up my planner and see nothing!! Nothing, not on a single day in the week, I want to get bored, I want to say hey kids lets go to the movies in the middle of the day (even though Jack wouldn't do well and it would be a disaster). I want to drive down to the beach and spend the days by the ocean reading about celebrities and their messed up lives and then going out to eat in a sun dress with an ever so slight sun burn and eating the best salad, steak, baked potato combo I've ever had, with ice tea of course (unsweet with lots of lemon, if you care). I want the sand to be stuck on my shoes, my clothes, and my car for weeks to come. To feel the weight lift off my shoulders, breathe deep, and fully relax.

I want to be so hot that I eat less and therefore lose 15 pounds, hey stranger things have happened. Then I want to get things done. To catch up on my paperwork to bring my next baby home, to file the papers that have been stacking up for 18 months, to knit for a few minutes, to make lemonade from scratch, to make my yard look pretty, to get the to-dos done that have been following me around for 4 years now. I want to read approximately 23 books, all of them for pleasure, none for self-improvement. I want to discover new parts of my town I love, new restaurants, new streets, new parks. I want to ride my bike until I think my legs are going to really fall off this time.

Summer come soon. We are weary around here, we have been busy, everyday busy, and we need a break, a long hot summer filled with rest and slow days.


google said...

I just want to say I wholeheartedly agree!! Despite what we talked about earlier I share this dream with you!!!!

Kyle said...

I want the summer where the kids are old enough to run around the neighborhood on their own, but young enough to still have to come home for dinner. Will it be the summer of Ozzie and Harriet, in 1955, and it's "safe" for my kids to do just that?

Sarah said...

I'll take the slow and rest, but please can we have it without the heat?! When it's hot as blue blazes around here, at least I'll know who to blame.