Thursday, April 15, 2010

The good and the gooder

Good news: I got an email from my agency and our application has been approved, our file has been sent over to Korea and we now begin a bunch of steps to prepare a file on who we are and then wait for our baby. I spoke with the agency doing our home study and we should be able to get that going really soon. So away we go!

Gooder news: (Yes I know gooder is not a word and typically I hate when I hear grown adults use it, but today it is the right word for this post) Jack does not need any work done by the plastic surgeon at this time. He felt like the holes in Jack's mouth are getting smaller and it would not be worth the risk to do another repair at this time. WooHoo! So Jack is now only having a surgery to put ear tubes in and although he will need general anesthesia, it should be very quick and painless. My stress level has gone down considerably.

Thank you for all your prayers, they really mean the world to me, and help me to be a much calmer person :).

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Anonymous said...

Yah!! Praise God! -Mary