Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Deep Breath

We had to wait in the dentist's office for 35 minutes before Jack got called back. The longer we waited the more anxious I became, I don't like dentist appointments, I especially don't like dentist appointments for my two year old, I really really don't like dentist appointments for my two year old to check on that spot that I just know is a cavity.

I was wrong, it was a stain, not a cavity. He told me the news and I skipped from the dentist's office as happy as can be. I drove home on a high, I took Jack out of his car seat and we played happily. I went inside to make lunch and suddenly I realized, there's another doctor's appointment today about another surgery. The lightness was replaced with a heaviness, and I started to fear again.

I let it linger for a moment, then rearranged my thinking. Remembered the beautiful day, the great doctors that have done such wonderful things for our son, the fact that this next surgery should be much more minor than the first and remembered to breathe deep. Breathe in, 1,2,3 hold, 1,2,3, breathe out, 1,2,3. Then I ate a quesadilla and felt much better. God will be handling all of my and Jack's problems and He doesn't need my help. Deep breath, Jenny, and don't forget about that chocolate you've got in the kitchen.

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