Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Prayer request for Jack

Would y'all say a quick prayer for Jack. He is going to have tubes put into his ears again, and I'm praying that God would work out the details for him to be able to have some work done on his mouth at the same time.

Pray that his plastic surgeon is available for a surgery date, soon! The ENT doesn't want Jack to have to wait for tubes because of the negative effect his ears are having on his hearing and speech. Also pray that the audiologist would be available that same day for a hearing test that can only be done when under anesthesia. In summary, that God would work out all the details for the surgeries to coincide and He would guide these doctors as they operate on him again.

Thank you for your prayers. My Jack would not be who he is today were not for all of you praying on his behalf.

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