Friday, April 9, 2010

A day as supermom

I have five children right now. Yes, you heard me correctly, five! children. We walked outside this morning and my neighbor said, wow! y'all sure to multiply quickly! It's true, we've multiplied and it was quick. But not to worry, I haven't taken you out of the loop of news in my life, it's only temporary. My sweet friends are taking a weekend for themselves and we are keeping their three children for them.

I decided to just go for it and see what it'd be like to be a supermom for a few hours and go out and enjoy this beautiful day. So off to the ChickFilA we went, I did some math in my head to see the cheapest way to feed these kids and still get enough food, ordered it all, and drove over to a local park to eat and play.

That was when it got fun, half the kids ran off to play on the playground and half sat down to eat. And since it was such a beautiful day the playground was crawling with kiddos. So I began to divide up the food and began the counting, 1, 2, 3,...4,...where's number 5, has anyone seen Kylynn, oh there she is, 5. And soon I'd be counting again. But after a few minutes things seem to get easier, OK, it actually only got easier because several friends were there and they helped me despite there own children that needed taking care of.

It was actually really fun and it did make me feel like one of those super-organized moms that can have 7 kids and still find time to make their own granola and sew matching shirts for everyone. You know the ones always smiling, who never yell at their kids. That was me today, I mean more than half these kids are not actually mine, so I was able to keep my smile on and avoid yelling, of course there was no granola or sewing going on, not even in cooking for that matter.

We have more adventure planned for the weekend and so far these kids are great, I'm thinking of swapping out some of mine for some of theirs when their parents return...think they'll notice?

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Nilam said...

I don't know, Jenny--they might notice :-)