Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Day

It snowed here on Tuesday, from about noon till I went to bed that evening. I kept taking pictures and movies of it, sure that any moment it would stop and melt away, leaving no evidence of what seemed to good to be true.

But it didn't, we got a full day of big, beautiful snowflakes falling. For it to snow here where it's pretty close to a miracle for it to happen was magical. I happened to be driving in it when it switched over to all snow and I actually started giggling like a little girl. This was real snow and it was sticking, I was excited!

We played out in it for a hour or so, except Kylynn who wasn't so sure about the cold aspect, and when we got in we were all tired! I guess as an adult playing in snow is exhausting. But it was so worth it, the winters from my childhood all came back to me the way snow crunches under you boots, the way it covers up the ugly and makes it beautiful, the way it tastes-my favorite thing about snow!

Here's some pictures from our snow day.

Snowman building

The view from my front porch

Kylynn's first snow angel

Our snowman, pretty good for Texas, huh?

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KyleC said...

This was a special day. Coming home from work to play in the snow was great! If we could have this once or twice a year, I'd be delighted. As it is, I'm glad for the little bit we received.