Monday, February 22, 2010

You've got nothing on me...

Got OCD? Wash your hands a lot? Well you've got nothing on me.

I'm sad to say, during this cold season I wash my hands an average of 83 times a day. I wash my hands every time I change a diaper. Every time Kylynn needs to be wiped. And of course after I use the bathroom. Every time I blow my nose, Jack's nose, or Kylynn's nose (this alone accounts for at least half of all hand washings). I wash my hands before I touch food I'm making for me, Jack, or Kylynn. Before I unload the dishwasher. After I wash dishes that contained raw meat, after cleaning or dusting.

You get the picture, there is a lot of hand washing going on around here. And now I'm off to pick up a dead roach and you guessed it, wash my hands.

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