Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How I kicked my soda habbit

I think there's been enough studies done to convince most of us that diet sodas are no better for us than the ones containing all that sugar (which we know is bad for us). But I use to love every afternoon opening up a diet soda and enjoying it as a kind of treat, a reward for making through a morning with two toddlers. I loved the sound of the can opening, how cold it was, and the bubbles.

From time to time I would quit drinking soda for a couple weeks and would always, without any extra effort drop at least five pounds. I know, I know that should have been motive enough, but sooner rather than later I would always end up falling off the soda wagon.

I sometimes tried drinking flavored, sparkling water, but they contained the exact sweetener that supposedly made diet soda bad for you, so really what's the point in that. Then I found it, La Croix, a naturally flavored sparkling water, there is no sugar and no artificial sweetener, just carbonated water and natural flavors, and I've been soda-free for months now.

Let me say that this drink is not going to have the same taste as most diet sodas, it tastes like a sprite minus all the sugar, but if it's the cold and the carbonation that you're really craving when you reach for that soda, then this will satisfy.

I haven't banned soda from my diet, but like alcohol I've moved it to a sometimes food. Like my sister says, you have to have Coke with pizza, so that's when I'll let myself have one.

Besides losing the standard five pounds I have a more consistent energy level throughout the day now, previously I would drink a soda around 1pm and then crash less than an hour later, feeling terrible, that is completely gone now.

If you try it let me know what you think, you can get them at HEB and Kroger and Kroger even makes a knock off, that's equally good.

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