Friday, February 27, 2009

And the winner is....

So there was a debate in our family about which vehicle to get, a Suburban or a minivan. You can go back in the past few months and read about our struggle, ok really my struggle. So after much thought and research and rethinking and re-researching we finally found our car.

Here are your hints:

"My new car is really big, my old car is little. My new car has a lot of buttons" -Kylynn

"I'm not sure if we made the right decision, I keep finding small things wrong with it and questioning myself" -Kyle*

"I really like my new car, okay I admit I really love my new car" -Jenny

To my dad, "The neatest gadget I've used so far is the cruise control, it has a laser that can sense the car in front of you and will adjust your speed to keep you the correct distance behind it, it was practically like I wasn't driving home" -Jenny

If you guessed're Right! I will gladly admit when I'm wrong so here you go, I was wrong and Kyle was right. This is the right car for us, it drives wonderful, has tons of space, and is really (I swear I'm not kidding) luxurious. We settled on the Toyota, in case you want to go find a luxurious one of your own. :) So I guess now I'm officially a real Mom, no longer just Jenny who happens to be a mom too, now where can I buy those Mom jeans at?

*This quote does not tell you anything about what we bought, because Kyle would have said that no matter what it was, just thought I'd give you some insight into my husband's brain.

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Anonymous said...

I've already heard from your husband that y'all bought a minivan and as a proud owner of a minivan myself I say congratulations.

However, on another note check out...

Oh, and your old car was FAR from little. :)

Kyle's work buddy