Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh Golly!

When Jack's fever finally disappeared late Friday afternoon, I was so excited! For the past two weeks we had been trapped in our home, first Kylynn had croup, then Kyle got the flu, then Jack got the flu, but the end was finally here.

I guess that's why when Kylynn kept complaining Saturday and Sunday about how cold she was, I never even guessed she was sick, and told her "No, your not cold, it's windy, but it's not cold". Very good mothering skills I know. So Sunday after she took a 4 hour nap and I woke her up I felt very guilty to find her on fire with a 104.6 fever (don't be alarmed she always has very high fevers).

So I was wrong the end is not here, Kylynn has the flu and had the flu probably starting Saturday night but either because she is her father and never acts sick even with a 104 fever or because I was so ready for us to not be stuck at home with sick kiddos, I missed it.

So if you're my friend, know that I miss you, I want to see you again soon, we are not hiding, we are just sick..again!

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