Monday, March 2, 2009

My little man

The other day I was at the doctor's office for Jack, which I think Jack thinks is our second home. And I saw on the wall that a one year old should get between 900 and 1350 calories a day. I thought to myself there is no way that child gets that many calories, with the constant ear infection his cleft palate causes he just doesn't love eating. So I decided to start tracking how many calories he gets a day and it's usually in the 700s.

So I got some advice and have began fattening up his food to help him get enough calories in the small amounts that he eats each day. So all day I'm calculating his calories and doing fun math in my head, for example if he ate 2/3 of a jar of baby food that has 140 calories he ate how many calories? He's doing better now, getting just to 900 every couple of days.

But now the real fun begins, in order for Jack to have his cleft palate repaired, he needs to be off of the bottle (his main source of calories). This is going to be a difficult goal for Jack and I, but I am confident that God will take care of it as He has with every other detail of Jack's life. But I would very much love your prayers, I'll keep it short:

*Jack would transition fully to a cup by his surgery, in one month
*Jack would get enough calories everyday to grow
*His surgery would go well, without complications, and he would recovery quickly

Thank you for praying for us, I know that the Lord will work through your prayers.


Nilam said...

900 calories for a one year old--does it count if he is still nursing and Mom gets 900 extra calories in his place? There's no way that Mason ever got 900 calories when he was a year old--he just wasn't much of an eater--but I don't really think that he has been malnourished a day in his life. If he was, you can't tell it from looking at him today.

KyleC said...

One month ago I didn't think it was possible he could be off the bottle in that span of time. In fact, Jenny had him drinking only from a cup within 3 weeks.

After the surgery the new trick is to get him consistently swallowing anything.