Sunday, February 1, 2009

This world may not be my home, but while I'm here let's get tatoos!

We had one of those weeks, you know the ones that make you say, "This too shall pass" followed by "This world is not my home, I have heaven to look forward to!" Kylynn came down with croup late Tuesday night. She spent the week with a high fever and had several coughing fits that required hot steamy baths or trips outside to the cold air. We of course did not get to leave the house. Kyle came down with it Saturday morning and is still feeling very poor. Jack has decided that he doesn't want to be left out so he's been throwing up the past few nights and has a non-fever fever. I'm tired, but praising God that I have been spared so far, so that somebody can take care of everybody, plus I'm married to superman and even when he's really sick he just can't help but do anything he sees that needs to be done.

The beginning of the week before the sicknesses began Kylynn and I had fun doing an "art project" that turned into tattoos! I had to convince her not to wash it off before Daddy got home by telling her how cool tattoos are, I'm praying she does not remember that and bring it up in an argument when she's a teenager..."But Mom, you said that tattoos are cool, why are you mad?!"

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