Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whatnot Wednesday

-It turns out today is not Wednesday, who knew.

-Jack stayed home "sick" from school today.  It is all my fault and if I wasn't feeling sick myself I never would have let him get away with it, apparently I made it a little to fun to be sick when I had to pick him up on Tuesday from school.  I tried to make today entirely boring and yet on the way home from picking up Kylynn, he told her he had a lot of fun today, but he is not missing another day of school.

-Last week we had a flat tire on our way to school, don't worry I didn't make it off of my street.  Kyle came to the rescue and after getting the kids to school we took the van to be repaired and told me it would be done in an hour and he had to go back to work.  I started to cry, right there in front of like 50 people in discount tire, it was not one of my prouder moments.  In my defense, I hadn't eaten breakfast, Chloe's breakfast had been cut short, she had on no shoes or socks, and I had been a mommy to three for only 1.5 weeks at the time.  My poor husband, felt bad, calmly reminded me I could walk over to the kolache place next door, and went back to work.

-That hour turned out to be one of the best times I've had with her, no distractions, no other children, just a whole hour to look at her and talk to her and make her giggle.  Plus I got to eat kolaches for breakfast, do they have these in other areas of the country?

-Is it just me or is there a big trend out there for women (of all sizes) dressing like strippers as they go about their regular days.  I was at Kroger the other night and I was just dumbfounded, I came home and told Kyle, I was the only woman in that store that didn't look like she was on her way to the strip club, and I'm not exaggerating y'all, it was not pretty.

-Kylynn's name was supposed to be Lila.  That is my grandmother's name and she is one of my favorite women on the planet, plus the name is old and classic and really beautiful.  Kyle would not have it, he said it sounded like "an old lady name."  Since my grandmother is an old lady I guess that makes sense, but every old lady was once a baby, this logic did not change his mind.

-I would pay large amounts of money, give away treasured items, sail the farthest seas if that would make my youngest sleep more than 30 minutes at a time.

-The only parenting book that I would recommend to new mommies and I read plenty before having Kylynn (not a one since) is Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, it is a great book and is very helpful regardless of whether you are comfortable with allowing your children to cry.



thewonderfulhappens said...

Whatnot definitely keeps until Thursday!!
Firstly, kolache? I don't know what that is!
Crying in the tire store--TOTALLY WARRANTED!
Women dressing like strippers? Hmmm, I do see it sometimes, but here it's more like every stay at home mom wears head to toe workout gear. And I know they are not all working out that much. I'm not talking about sweat pants and old t-shirts, like I work out in. Like spandex and tennis skirts. Weird.
If we had ever had a girl, she would have definitely had an old-fashioned name. I love them!
Hope Chloe starts sleeping better. That can really mess a mama up!

Nilam said...

I don't think that Lila is an old lady name...and yes, I have seen lots of women who have no business dressing the way that they do. Sometimes, you just need to look away because you really didn't want to see that.