Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Easter weekend

We had a blessed Easter weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Savior.  We decided not to travel this year and had a relaxing weekend, that Kyle declared the best Easter ever.

Friday my new best friend came over and cleaned my house for me, okay I had to pay her but she did such a great job that I love her now, please don't tell her how much I love her or she'll be too scared to come clean my house anymore, and that would ruin my life.

Saturday, Kyle continued reading the Easter story to the kids, he decided that they would understand and remember it better if they acted it out, so I often walked into a room to find Jack as a solider or Kyle hanging on the cross.

We also cooked, a lot.  Kyle's family has a tradition of making "bunny bread" each Easter, it's a sweet bread and it is one of my favorite things on earth, I wish I could convince them to make "wreath bread" at Christmas time.  We had invited some friends over for Easter dinner so I prepped a lot of the dishes knowing that it was going to be hard to get it all ready on Sunday with three kids running around.

The kids dyed eggs, which was not really as much fun as I had hoped.  I had to try and keep Chloe from pulling over the mugs and Jack wanted to dye his hands more than the eggs, the eggs he wanted to crack.  Then he got stung by a wasp.  After that we were pretty much done.  During all the cooking it occurred to me that I had not had Mexican food since before we left for Korea, one month ago!, this became an emergency and we went out to Gina's for the best Mexican food in town, they're hard to find but totally worth it.

Sunday we attended our church and enjoyed a sermon reminding us of what God's grace means, that it is offered to us without cost, it is not mostly free, but actually, totally, free.  We headed home for an egg hunt, where the kids complained anytime they found an empty egg, and would throw it back on the ground and leave it there...kids these days.

We had a wonderful time with our friends, the food was really good, and it was nice to get to know everyone a little better.  And when it was all said in done I was left with lots of left overs and a good excuse to sit down and catch up on my shows.


thewonderfulhappens said...

Thank goodness you remedied the Mexican food emergency!
Matthew was throwing away the empty eggs too! This generation......grr.
Looks like a great weekend!

1-2-TheeMotimes said...

You and my husband need to hang out. He is a Mexican food lover!

Where did you get your kids' plates? I have been looking for some sectioned off plates for my little guy, but I can't find any that I really like. Yours are adorable!

I hope Jack's wasp sting is doing better!

Nilam said...

I remember Gina's. They do have great Mexican food.