Friday, April 8, 2011

April in Texas

If you live further north I'm not sure if the following post will make you envious or disgusted but for us Texans, April means it's time to bust out the swimsuits.

After a morning that made me want to look into permanent ear plugs, I decided that we were getting out of here.  I did the "non-planned only a two hour window between naps hurry up" and grabbed a bunch of stuff threw it in a bag and we were out.

For some reason it's always the case that it is windy and 10 degrees cooler at the splash pad then it was in our front yard, but by golly we were there to splash and so they splashed.

We picked up some chickfila on the way home which made everyone so happy, they went from crying and whining to telling me just how very much they love me, the world's best mommy, chicken nuggets does that to my children, well to me too to be honest.

In the end I was rewarded with all three children napping at the exact same time, I'll give you a few minutes to reflect on the goodness of God.....It was lovely and I had almost two hours to try and go back to being a slightly groomed mommy with a half way presentable kitchen, I'll take it.

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thewonderfulhappens said...

Two hour naps??? I gotta get the boys chicken nuggets more often!! You deserved it!