Thursday, April 28, 2011

Linking it up

Loved this article I read in my local paper: Stand Up!  It made me shout hallelujah after reading, "scientists reported that people who had high levels of non-exercise activity but didn't exercise much burned more calories a week than those who ran 35 miles a week but had moderate levels of non-exercise activity."  Totally worth your read, find out one of the easiest things you can do to improve your health.

Two posts by Dr. Moore over at Moore to the Point I thought were so important for Christians to read.  Arousing ourselves to death, such an important topic in the church today, "This means that our churches cannot simply rely on accountability groups and blocking software to combat this scourge. We must see this as darkly spiritual and, first and foremost, reclaim a Christian vision of human sexuality."

What does Earth day to do with Good Friday, was a refreshing article about what a Christian's role is in caring for earth.  "That means that this Good Friday, and this Earth Day, we need to love what God loves: his entire creation. We need to conserve and care for the good earth that God has created. And we need to remember that, ultimately, the curse is rolled back by a bloody cross." 

Want to see what God is doing in Haiti, I was going to send you over to Sit a Spell to see how you can make a HUGE difference in the lives of new mothers and their babies in that country, but today I saw God already raised the 15,000 dollars that they needed.  It does my heart good to remember what a big God we serve, it all belongs to Him.  But do check out, If they could only stay, to see how you can pray.

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The Cherrys said...

Really like the blog post. Read the Stand Up article. Thanks for sharing.