Thursday, April 21, 2011

A date with Daddy

Kylynn is by far the biggest trooper around here these days.  Since Chloe came home she has been my right hand man (I wrote this post late the other night and wrote my "right arm man," I'm tired y'all), grabbing a diaper here, picking up a cup there, entertaining, calming and even once trying her hand at feeding Chloe.

She very rarely complains, even when I ask her to go up the stairs to get something I forgot, again.  She has been acting entirely more mature than her four years.  She is nothing but thrilled to be a big sister again and loves to help so much that she will come up to me and ask me how she can help (with enthusiasm!)  The other day she was sad that there was no more laundry to fold (actually that sometimes makes me sad too but that's another post).

In order for her status as the big sister around here to mean more than work we have been working really hard at spending individual time with her.  She has gotten to go on several dates with Daddy these past few weeks, one of them was to our local skating rink to an "exposition" (I just had to check with Kyle if it was right that it was an "expedition," aren't y'all glad I proof read these things :) they had one night for free.  Turns out it was basically like a skating recital open to the public, but Kylynn loved it, and decided to use all the stars from her star chart for two weeks! to go ice skating.

I am told that she did really well and after only two hours was able to skate alone for 50 feet before falling.  She said that she fell several times but still has decided that she wants to go ice skating everyday (that won't be happening anytime soon).  Thank the Lord for my hubby, he has been so helpful in taking out Jack and Kylynn on different activities so that they feel special too.  All day with me they are mainly told to hold on a minute, hurry up we've got to go, be quite Chloe's sleeping, and wait downstairs I'm going to go put Chloe down for a nap, so he's really our hero around here.

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1-2-TheeMotimes said...

I have a HUGE pile of laundry sitting on my bedroom floor right now that Kylynn can fold!

She looks adorable in ice skates. Good for her for doing so well on her first time. I can't ice skate to save my life! In my defense, though, when I was her age, I was a roller blading CHAMP!

I hope things continue to go well!!