Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Need to crave

The sun came out today, with rain the week before and more rain to come, it was a welcome sight, and suddenly going outside to play shot to the top of our to do list.  We spent the morning in our front yard playing with bikes and soccer balls, climbing trees, and pushing babies, but our time was cut short with a fall and a bleeding head.

So that afternoon we ventured out again, this time to a local playground.  They played and I snapped pictures remembering that I have a blog I've been neglecting and the sun was just right to turn children into angels, if only they would hold still long enough.  We played later than planned, it was so beautiful, so many playmates, and a late dinner never hurt anyone.

Some times I dream of California, always a sunny 70 degrees, there I wouldn't have to pop vitamin D and turn on all the lights in my house to keep the blues at bay.  But it's the rainy days, the cloudy ones where the sun seems to have abandoned us, that make me crave.

I need to crave, in the craving I remember what I truly love.  In the craving I am stretched, molded.  The dark, cloudy days remind me, even when my human eyes can't see him, He is there, always there, waiting for me to turn my face toward Him.  As I do, the clouds part, the warmth of his love shines down, and I walk into the Son.


Brian Miller said...

now that is a good kinda craving...and looks like someone had a lot of fun...

Loni said...

This reminds me of what I heard said about the verse walking through the valley of the shadow of death . . . with shadows, there HAS to be light . . . so even in the darkness . . . there He is.

Thank you for sharing!

emily wierenga said...

the sun was just right to turn children into angels, if only they would hold still long enough.

loved this jenny. and i understand completely the craving... i crave sunlight too. i feel blue in winter. i don't know what i would do without the Son. what glory you bring him in this post. xo