Monday, January 10, 2011

Do they make them for adults?

I have many talented friends, as in people who make gourmet cakes from scratch that look good, who sew quilts people would pay hundreds of dollars for, who write for real life websites (and get paid for it!), who can take an old piece of furniture and make it shabby chic.  I have none of these talents, don't worry I've got a healthy self esteem, and I can do some of these things moderately well but no one would call me particularly talented at them.

I love having talented friends because it means that I can buy unique handmade items from them to use around my house.  Two of my friends, who are amazingly creative, have great style, and love God have put those things together to start a business called, Tabletop Truths.  I wasn't able to make it to their show to see these placemats in person but when I found their blog I was blown away!

Tapletop Truths is "a collection of durable, colorful place mats designed to be used as a springboard to Biblical knowledge, spiritual growth and great family conversations."  Or as I would say, they make cute placemats that we can use to help teach our children about what a great God we serve and just how much He loves us.

So now you're excited, a way to help my child learn about God, great, but wait there's more.  They are super cute.  No really, go look, they're super cute.  I would like each and every one of them, but alas you know me, I'm too frugal for that.  They are such a great product though, I'm going to get enough for each kiddo, and hey maybe I could use one too I've always struggled with memorizing scripture, do they make them for adults?

I almost forgot to tell y'all, they even have something on the back, and get this you get to pick what style you would like on the back.  Let me know if you buy some and which one(s) you chose, I'm having a hard time with all the choices.


thewonderfulhappens said...

Those are super cute. I think they would be great gift ideas too!!!

Heather H said...

Did you see that Deanna gave a cute ones for the kids? I didn't know who made them but I do now! I think they are so great!

Future Mama said...

Soooo adorable!!!

Much love,
Future Mama

Tabletop Truths said...

Congrats Jenny! You won 2 free Valentine's mats. Thank you so much for your sweet blog about the mats. We appreciate. I will bring them tomorrow to Kingdom Kids!