Thursday, January 6, 2011

Drowning in Grace

I've been catching up on some of my favorite blogs now that Advent is over, and many of them are doing a recap of 2010, I am blown away by these looks back on their lives, they include pictures and links and really are great pieces of writing.

But I just don't have the time to do that, I still have all my Christmas decorations up, not to mention the throw up that we missed when we cleaned the van, that Kylynn keeps pointing out to me, sorry that was probably too much information.

So I will recap my 2010 this way, it was a year I began to emerge from the dry spell I had been walking in for over a year.  It was the year that I realized God is using me and that there is nothing I'd rather do than walk on the path He's laid out for me.  It was the year that He gave me clarity in the plan He has for building our family.  It was a year of drowning in grace, and this song was my anthem.

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thewonderfulhappens said...

That's a great song. Have you seen the video of the little boy in the car singing along to this song? He is singing at the top of his lungs--it is a beautiful example of worship.
Happy New Year!