Saturday, March 6, 2010

Words that Rhyme with Orange

Ross King, who's music I am a big fan of has a new CD, Words that Rhyme with Orange,'s a children's CD. Yea!! Go Ross! I really cannot listen to children's music, I really can't stand it, but this CD is absolutely great, I actually caught myself listening to it without the kids. Want to buy it? Go here.

Here's a new video for Happy to be Me, the first song on the CD, made in part by her husband (so smart that man):

*Sorry if you read this post earlier on Saturday and saw Jack's birthday...that is not a video made by a smart man but instead an average me, now it has the video I intended all along. It was good for a good laugh!*

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Sarah said...

Thanks for the hat tip, but props belong to Dave B. He's the one who did the video. And an awesome video at that! They're also working on an iPhone app to go along with the video, but it's not quite ready.