Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mac, baby!

We did it! We finally gave in to the all the great feedback we've, heard and upgraded to a Mac. I know, I know, you either love Macs or hate them, so I'm sure some of you are cringing to hear we've gone over to the dark side. But so far I must say, it's been well, love at first sight, I mean really they are so pretty and white. I even enjoy the way my fingers feel when I type on the keypad more.

It was a long time coming, my previous non-Mac laptop (that's all I'm going to say, no need to bash any brands around here) had become a bit of a joke. It had to be plugged into the wall to work...not so laptopish anymore, huh? It was so slow I swear I had flashbacks to the 90's when I would try to play Oregon trail on my our family computer (or was that the 80s I can't remember). It always had some mystery software running on it when I would try and shut it down, that I'm sure was just one of it's many viruses.

I'm using it today for the first time and I've yet to get confused or open the book, I just turned it on and so far it's making sense to me. Now if it has a better way for me to organize my pictures and help me to actually get them off of the computer and into a photo album, I will name my next child after it...I'll let you know.


Carolyn said...

Jenny! I am sooo wanting a Mac. Which one did you get? Mac Book? Mac Book Pro?

BTW: hasn't Flowerpatch blog been incredible in relating their experience with Silas? Wow!


TheLudlows said...

Once you go MAC you NEVER go back!!!!!!

Jenny said...


It's a mac book, I don't know the difference though, but I checked w/ Kyle. I am loving flowerpatch, it's taking me back to a very wonderful time in my life.

Jenny said...
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