Friday, May 1, 2009

I hate it

Fasting from spending money that is. The book says there is two types of people, those who hear of this money fast and think, "that's impossible" and those who say, "piece of cake". We were the piece of cake people, he goes on to say it is us that will have the hardest time. He ain't kidding!

Thursday: Kyle goes out to lunch with a friend, a regular meeting, and eats and drinks nothing (to be fair to the restaurant he did not want to bring in food and/or drink "free" water).
Jenny wakes up with the strongest desire I've had in years to go out and buy anything, just because I can't.

Friday: We take the kids out for a drive then get out and walk around an area we like, we do this most weeks and always either get a drink at Sonic or pick up dinner on the way home. We are both having a hard time denying this tradition. Watch a movie a friend loaned us.

Saturday: We go to Parade of Homes, it is free in our town, and are happy for the opportunity to do something we were planning on already that is free. We again miss picking up a drink or treat while out driving around. But enjoy the day as much as any other year, good time together as a family out and about.

Sunday: There is still food aplenty, by the looks of it we would need to fast for a month to eat all this food up (I know that's bad). We perhaps bend the rules (although not the ones we gave ourselves) and spend a gift certificate/coupon to get ice cream out. We have a problem spending our gift certificates so we thought these two weeks were a good time to do that.

Monday: Jenny has a doctor's appointment, no fee, will bill insurance, whew! It begins raining and says it will rain all week. I am filled with playing at FREE parks due to rain, what will we do!

Tuesday: Kyle is supposed to bring doughnuts to bible study, and says he will break the fast since it's not for us. I think he's breaking the rules but tell him it's up to him. When I get back from the gym I see he's made a breakfast bread from ingredients we had on hand, he felt like doughnuts broke the rules :) He later told me it was a huge hit, and they ate it all up. The kids are definitely going to make me lose my mind, it is still raining, suddenly I have a genius idea: the library, of course! Get to library it is closed Monday to Thursday afternoon. Cannot think of another free thing indoors go home defeated. Kyle works till 8pm, wants to pick up dinner, uses a free coupon for a chickfila sandwich. Gets only that brings it home to eat with a salad we have at home.

Wednesday: Kyle comes home early, we take the kids out. Cannot really think of what to do, drive around and look at some house and lots, the kids are screaming the whole time, no one is happy. I hate this fast! We decide that after one week we will go to the grocery store to get anything that is essential for Jack (it was part of our rules before we began). We get whole milk, 4 jars of baby food, two sets of pediasure, yo baby yogurt, pears, and dog food (for the dog, not Jack :). We are amazed (and I'm slightly releived that I'm not crazy) that the total comes to 55$. Our cupboards and fridge are looking a little more bare, the freezer is still stuffed.

Thursday: Kyle goes to lunch with a consultant that the company pays for, I think this is cheating but am probably just jealous. I've decided that my love of food and the way I use it to cope when I'm stressed has gotten worse in the past couple of months with Jack's fussiness. This fast is making that crystal clear to me as I look in a fridge filled with food and get frustrated because it does not have a "good" snack in it. We go look at houses in the afternoon with our Realtor, and come home without dinner (again). I see that there is a neighborhood wide garage sale this weekend that I was really wanting to go to...I feel pain!

One more week to go!

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KyleC said...

That sounds's not as easy as I thought.
The restaurant on the first day did offer me water, and I accepted. Nonetheless, it felt odd sitting at a restaurant and not ordering anything. I did mooch off my friend's french fries.