Monday, May 25, 2009


*I must admit that as I type that word, I immediately begin singing the song, "Summertime", by Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff, just in case you too wanted to get in the mood.*

It's officially here, Summer. That time of year when you pick up your kiddos and smell that wonderful sunblock smell. If they made a kid's sunblock perfume, I would buy and wear it all summer long. We've already had our first sunburns, me, Kyle, and I'm embarrased to say Kylynn, although hers was very mild. We've been to the pool twice and were pleasantly surprised to see that this is going to be the year of the pool. Both times, both kids loved! it. Kylynn has previously found the pool too boring and simple for her ever moving self, so this was a very pleasant surprise.

I busted out my calendar today and saw that low and behold our summer is already almost completely filled up, so much so that I think I might long for a lazy summer day (I know I'll soon eat my words). We've got some vacations, some weekend trips, and I have my (rescheduled) cruise to look forward to.

We lived outside this past month, but I know that soon that will be over as the true heat will find us and make outdoors sadly unbearable. It was fun while it lasted. When living outside one, eats outside. The other night we had ribs and asparagus on the grill, Kylynn loved the ribs, ate them better than I do, and Jack loved the asparagus (ok, so he didn't eat any but he had fun playing with it).

So now as always at the beginning of summer I'm looking forward to all it will hold, come July I'll be longing for Christmas and come Christmas I'll be longing for summer! :)

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