Monday, May 11, 2009

Lessons learned

So we've finished our financial fast and it was overall a positive experience. It was not earth shattering but I think it is something we will add to our lives and do at least once a year. Here's what we learned about ourselves.

*We have a budget, split up into several catergories, and we even record everything we buy. However that does no good if we don't add it up as we go along so we know at the end of the month, this trip to Kroger can only be for 50$ or less. That is how we went over by such a huge amount more than once.

*I feel good about myself as the homemaker when my refrigerator is full of food. I also feel the need to replace everything once it runs out. We learned that it is worthwhile to put milk on the list when it runs out, not worthwhile to put almonds on the list when they run out, just buy almonds next time you need them.

*I have lost my love of cooking and creating food due to the sheer exhaustion I feel at the end of the day after caring for my children. When I take a 10 min. break of time just for me when Kyle comes home, I can cook a meal and have fun doing it.

*We often refer to ourselves as frugal and comparatively speaking we are, certainly we are savers. But on the rare occasions we go shopping for something other than food and on all trips to the grocery store we spend money as if it has no end, we do not stop and think through our purchases the way we should.

*When it comes to fun activities and family time, we're already really good at finding free activites, in fact I think 85% or more of everything we do as a family is free.

*It was really not a big deal or an embarrassment to say to our friends, sorry we're not going to buy anything we're doing a financial fast. In fact we've heard from more people about how neat they think it is....

And on that note why don't you give it a try. Come on you can do it, it doesn't have to be for 2 weeks like ours 1 week works great. I guarantee you there is a lot to learn about the value you place on money, where you could cut back, and the amazing family time you miss out on when activities always involve the wallet.

Check back in a couple of days and I'll post the rules!

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