Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Whatnot Wednesday (picture edition)

What Kyle does for fun, part two

Chloe already knows how to wash the dishes, made a huge mess but was extra cute

Jack weed-eating, I'm sure Daddy is counting down the days till it's for real!

The water rocket, it was fun, but the heat made me go in early

what to do when it's 100 degrees at 10 in the morning?

being sprayed with water wasn't her favorite

a doughnut date with Daddy

I had no idea she was old enough for this type of thing, good Christmas gift ideas

Elizabeth, this one's for you, me with my socks on my hands for pre-school graduation

In my search for my first day of Kindergarten pictures I found these, first day of 1st grade (and 1st day of pre-school for my sisters).  My youngest sister on the left is cracking me up with that pose and look on her face :).


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thewonderfulhappens said...

I'm so glad you found the picture of the socks on your hands!!!!!!! That is hysterical!!! And you look just the same as you did in first grade. I kinda do too, but my teeth are bigger and my mushroom cut has gotten a wee bit more stylish. Just a wee bit, mind you.

Did Kyle shave a lightning bolt on your dog? That is hysterical!