Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whatnot Wednesday

*The more children I have the later my average first teeth brushing becomes.  Is it just me?  Please tell me I'm not alone.  Now that I have three my usually "morning" brushing is about 1pm...sad but true.

*Deep thought: this occurred to me the other day, I do not know what my kids look like.  What I mean is when I see them I really see the most beautiful two girls and little boy in the whole world.  Chances are that's not true but my eyes are blinded with love and can only see them as they look covered up in my love.  I understand a little better now how God sees me when He looks at me, not as the dirty sinner I am, but only seeing the beautiful, holy, blood of Christ I am covered in.

*Chloe had her 15 month check up last week, she is growing!  Woo-Hoo!  Of course I had a horrible visit (this always happens to me).  I got there, they called me back right away, weighed her and put us in a room.  Forty-five minutes later the nurse came in to say that the doctor was running thirty minutes behind, this made me laugh until I realized she meant 30 MORE minutes behind.  In the interest of keeping this story short, let's just end it by saying I was the last person to leave the office at 5:15 when all the lights were turned off and the doors were locked.

*How do you decided what activities to allow your children to be involved in?  Kylynn loves ballet and now she loves gymnastics, but she is interested in taking horse back riding lessons, ice skating lessons, and I am interested in her taking art classes and girl scouts.  My world will not revolve around my children's activities but it's so hard to know what to say yes to and what to say no to.

*I have reached an age where if I do not where make-up I look about 8.5 years older than I am.  It is bad y'all, when my roots have grown out and I'm make-up free (which is most of the time) in my mommy gear I look like a prime candidate for What Not to Wear or Oprah or some other intervention.  I should probably buy some wrinkle cream.

*I have not bought wrinkle cream because I'm not much for grooming.  My toe nails have a few little pieces of blue nail polish on them from at least 4 months ago and it'll probably be there for another few months.  Who has the time?

*Have y'all seen Rabbit Hole, it was a beautiful movie.  I highly recommend it, Kyle was blown away by how much he liked it.

*We have a big road trip planned this summer, 15 hour drive there and back with several days staying at a house in New Mexico.  I'm starting to get scared.  Got any tips for me?



Heather H said...

I have been thinking about horse-riding lessons too! But I wasn't thinking every week. Do you have someone because I have a friend who gives them at her house (they go to my church). I don't know what she charges but I will find out!

thewonderfulhappens said...

Okay...Rabbit Hole? With Nicole Kidman? I seriously almost had a panic attack just watching the preview. A 4-year old boy getting hit by a car is too close to home for me. Actually today on NPR, there was a story on drownings and I almost had to pull over and breathe into a paper bag. Don't ask why I didn't just turn the channel.

UGH, don't you hate it when a doctor's appointment turns into a marathon??? that is so, so exhausting!

I'm really only into letting the kids do one extra-curricular activity at a time. Honestly, it's all we can afford anyway. For now, Isaac is telling me that he wants to do karate forever, until he is a black belt, but we'll see about that.

Leslie said...

For the road trip Jenny, it's not so bad! We drove from here all the way to Orlando. Granted, I only have 2 but I think we can all agree that Shiloh counts double.

Movies. We borrowed from a friend dual DVD players. Since Joey is still rear-facing, this helped so she didn't get the shaft and not get to watch the movies on our in-ceiling DVD player.

Cooler with snacks. We got small ozarka water bottles and froze them the night before. That way it only melts a little at a time and your kids aren't gulping water and hollering to potty every 80miles. Lots of snacks. My kids are bored eaters.

Map pencils in their own zippered bag. Coloring books. Hit up Dollar Tree and the one spot at Target.

I spent about $20 and bought the kids 10 new presents each at Dollar Tree/Target. I wrapped them up and when they started getting antsy - I'd pass them a new "present" to open. That really helped!!!

Pullups on Jack. If we let Joey's bladder be the guide, we'd never have gotten there. We let Shiloh's be the guide - Joey just peed in her pullup, LOL.

Leave early when its still dark. My kids both fell back asleep in the car and that helped a ton!

We drove 13 straight hours from Orlando to Baton Rouge on the way back. That was too much. Next time, we don't drive more than 8-9 in a day.

Let me know if you need any other tips!